August 8, 2017

Today’s the day! As I was packing, I managed to make the biggest mess on the face of the planet, covering all of our flat surfaces with my things. My boyfriend, Chris, and I had breakfast on the floor, on top of my suitcase as a result. We ended up going to see a movie, then heading to the airport. The most stressful part of this whole process was realizing my suitcase was so heavy they wouldn’t allow it on the plane! I had to unpack some things before getting my boarding pass and heading to the gate.

Once on the plane, we were delayed due to radio problems for about an hour. Finally, we arrived in London at around 11:30 AM, with my train due to leave at noon. I got through customs, receiving my first passport stamp, retrieved my suitcase and sprinted to my first ever (5 hour long) train ride!

I am currently exhausted, having met with my friends Rachael and Craig and finally having a chance to sit down and decompress. Glad that my travels are over (for now), we’ll see what my stay has in store!


3 thoughts on “August 8, 2017

  1. I told you that we should’ve found a scale to weigh that bag! I’m so glad you made it safely though. ❤️


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