August 22-26, 2017

August 22, 2017

The entirety of today was spent on a bus with some of my favorite people. I can say that because we spent 10 hours in a confined space and we’re all still friends! Pictured is Sam with his trusty bananas. We all went and got dinner once we arrived at the hotel, and it was a lot of fun. Early day tomorrow with a company visit and city tour!

August 23, 2017

Today we all split up into groups based on our faculties, and since I am in the School of Business & Economics (SBE) we went on a company visit to Wunderkinder! They gave us a rundown of how they progressed from a small start up company to just recently being acquired by Microsoft. It was a fascinating journey, and it was awesome to hear how the change progressed internally and how the change is being handled. In the same groups, we then went on walking tours around Berlin! We got to see so the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, Unter den Linden Street, Gendarmenmarkt, Babel Platz (bookburning site), the Budenstag (German Parliament), Brandenburg Gate, Holocaust Memorial, and a bunch more. We had an amazing tour and got to hear so much of the history of the city. It was amazing. Unfortunately, all of my photos taken with my camera on the city tour have somehow vanished. After importing, they disappeared from my computer, and I have no idea where they went. I have tried to recover them, but to no avail. I am most disappointed about losing the photos I took from the Budenstag. We walked up to the top just as the sun was setting and it was so beautiful. However, the only photos I have of this entire day are on my phone from this part of the day.  This was before the realization of the missing photos, of course. But these things happen.

August 24, 2017

On today’s agenda was a tour of a former Stasi prison, where unsentenced suspects were held between 1951 and 1989. We heard all about interrogation tactics, how people would end up there, and the experiences of the people held there. Then, we went to the Hackescher Markt for lunch and spent the rest of the day walking around Berlin, seeing some parks and architecture.  A group of friends and I all went to a cute little restaurant and had a delicious dinner together. Then we spent the evening sitting in the park listening to some people play music on the piano and violin, and it was so relaxing. Ended the evening with some delicious ice cream, and had a wonderful walk back to the hotel.

August 25, 2017

Today we went and toured the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial and Museum . It was an intense day, a lot of information, a lot of hard stories to hear, but it was very informative and something I would highly recommend. The visit really put a lot of things into perspective, and shed some light on things that don’t get touched on in history books in school. For the remainder of the day,  my friends and I chose to go to the East Side Gallery, a part of the Berlin wall. All of the artwork was so amazing in addition to all the incredible stories that were retold on one side of the wall. Alanna and I got some pictures together, then we all went and got schnitzel at a really good local spot. Our program took us to a group dinner that night, too, so we had lots of bonding time today. Drank a lot of beer, ate a lot of delicious food, and then went out on the town to enjoy some of Berlin’s nightlife! While some of us were getting ready to go out, Sam decided to go BASE FLYING off of our hotel. It’s like bungee jumping, but not…. I guess. He’s a pretty cool dude. All in all, we had a wonderful evening.

August 26, 2017

After being out all last night, we all boarded the bus early this morning full from a delicious hotel breakfast and SLEPT. We all slept so much on the 10 hour bus ride home. Glad to be back in Maastricht tonight.


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